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How To Become An Early Riser – Week 1 Update

how to become an early riserWe all want to be more productive right? What is it made you a better money manager or if it improved you income? What if I said: “If you wake up 1 hour earlier, you will make more money?” Would you do it?

Well, if you remember 1 week ago I set out to become an early riser. I set out with the premise that if I could become an early riser I would be more productive. I would increase my personal discipline which in turn would help me to be a better business owner and a better financial manager.

I’ve committed to trying this for 30 days.

Here was the commitment that I made to myself: “From December 5th until January 4th I will get up at 5am. Because of this I will be more productive and I will make more money.”

So far….I’ve halfway kept my promise.

Here’s the update:

  • Tuesday, December 5th – I’m up, it’s 5:07am and I’m preparing to write the introduction to my challenge. It wasn’t too terribly tough to get up, in fact it was rather nice. We’ll see if this continues.
  • Wednesday, December 6th – I went to bed way too late last night. When my alarm went off this morning I was only sitting at about 5 hours of sleep. Not a good way to start. At least I’m up. Hopefully I won’t be too groggy to be productive today.
  • Thursday, December 7th – This morning was not a good morning. My alarm went off at 5 as usual, but I hit the snooze button until 6. After that I reset my alarm for 7 and went back to sleep. I guess this reduced sleep is getting to me. I slept for about 9 hours last night. I feel great now. Hopefully I can get used to going to bed earlier so I can find my rhythm.
  • Friday, December 8th – I’m back to my schedule again. I got in bed at 10:00 last night and I felt refreshed when I was out of bed at 5. I’ve noticed that I am much more sensitive to the cold now. I am generally a very warm natured person, but over the last few days I’ve felt much colder. I suppose this is because I am getting less sleep now, we’ll see if this continues.
  • Saturday, December 9th – Well, I was close this morning. I rolled out of bed at 5:30. I’m still feeling a little tired, but not too bad. It’s strange getting up so early on a weekend, but I have to do this every day so that my body gets used to it. I need to really start getting to bed earlier.
  • Sunday, December 10th – Another 6am morning. I am so bad at hitting the snooze button. I really need to quit rationalizing why I need to go back to bed. I have to force myself to get up no matter what. Even though I haven’t done so great this week, at lease I am getting up earlier than usual.
  • Monday, December 11th – Wow, the weekend really drained me. I went to bed at 10:00 and still struggled to get up at 5:00. At lease I’m up and moving around now. I find that one I get up and turn some lights on I do much better than if I get up and sit in the dark for a few minutes. Go figure huh..
  • Tuesday, December 12th – Well I met someone for breakfast at 7 so I had to get up and get going. I still hit the snooze button, but only until 5:30 this time. This is getting a little easier, but its still difficult. I really hope my body adjusts before too long.

Well as you can see, I haven’t done too well. My biggest problem is that I haven’t gotten to bed early enough. Another problem is that I tend to sit in bed too long before I actually get up.

So to combat those, here is the plan for this week:

  • I will be in bed by 10:30 each night, even if I’m not tired
  • I will get out of bed and turn on a light immediatly after my alarm goes off.

That is my plan for this week. I’ll keep you updated as to how I am doing with my goal. If you have any suggestions on developing this habit, please let me know! I need all the help I can get.

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