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How Credit Card Debt Can Kill You

reducing credit card debt easily

Do you like your [tag]credit cards[/tag]? Do you use them for a lot of your [tag]spending[/tag]? Do you carry a [tag]balance[/tag] on your cards each month?

Let’s just start with some numbers to get our brains in gear. The average American has around $9,312 in credit card [tag]debt[/tag] (USA Today.)

It doesn’t take long to accumulate that. Some holiday shopping, a few nice restaurants and a family vacation will rack up the credit card debt quickly. Doesn’t seem like much?

Now what if we only pay the [tag]minimum payment[/tag]? The minimum payment on most cards is typically 2% of the total balance. That puts our starting payment right around $185 per month. Keep in mind that this amount will decline as the balance declines. For our calculations we’ll use an average credit card rate of 13%.

Alright, if we were to only pay the minimum payment on our credit card, we would pay the last bill 291 months from today. That’s 24 years and 3 months away! Our final [tag]interest[/tag] charge? $10,087.94. So our vacation just doubled in cost!

Now it really gets extreme if you have a high interest rate on your credit card. I’ve known several people who pay 18% interest or more. At 18% it will take just over 41 years to pay off! Thats a mind numbing 494 months away! On top of that the total interest charges soar to $25,263.76
Wow. Those numbers amaze me. However, at the same time they are very sobering. It’s sad how many people are [tag]hurting financially[/tag] and some don’t even know it. If you are in this group please take a look at Reducing Debt With A Snowball or contact me.

My number one purpose of this site is to help people see their financial situation and then show them how to escape and get to a place of [tag]financial freedom[/tag].

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5 Responses to “How Credit Card Debt Can Kill You”

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  2. Steve B says:

    Unfortunately many people dont get so lucky as to be stuck with an interest rate of 13%. Many companies nowadays employ the universal default clause. Which makes it very easy for them to out of nowhere bump up your rate to 28% or higher. Paying the minimum then will have you in debt for literally thousands of months and paying back tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars in interest.


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  4. tv brackets says:

    I have done some calculation, but explanation using illustration in this article is even more scary, so in a way you are helping others not to fall in to this sort of trouble.


  5. Nowadays, it is possible to have an interest rate lower than 10%, but that is if one is worthy enough and if one is persistent in getting his/her desire.



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