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How Can I Make Money On The Internet?

Make money on the internetHow can I [tag]make money[/tag] on the [tag]internet[/tag]? That is a question I ask myself nearly every day. You see, I love [tag]working from home[/tag]. I’ve had several jobs where I was able to work from home and I loved it. But, for one reason or another, those income streams fell to the wayside and I haven’t been able to sustain a living at home.

I’m a Failure!
I’ve had businesses ranging from an online paintball store to web page design to graphic design, which have all failed. I’ve tried all sorts of affiliate programs and failed. I’ve tried some freelance consulting, which, for the most part, has failed.

But I’m Bouncing Back!
Well, nearly 3 months ago I decided to try my hand in making money on the internet again. One avenue I’ve been working on is [tag]monetizing[/tag] my blog. I know some people don’t like [tag]ads[/tag] on blogs, and I don’t really like them either. But I’ve tried to make them blend in with the page so they aren’t your typical “click me, click me, click me” type of ads.

My Inspiration
I’ve also started looking into other avenues of revenue from the internet. On my journey I’ve come across blogs like “The 15k Challenge” where a guy took the challenge of turning $150 into $15,000 in only 30 days using [tag]internet marketing[/tag] techniques (he came pretty close.) Stuff like that inspires me. I see that money really can be made on the internet.

So I’ve debated back and forth on whether to blog on this topic or not. And as you can see, I’ve decided to give it a whirl. So come with me on my journey to make a living using the internet.

My Plan
From this post on I will update you on my progress at least once per week. So in addition to my normal posts on personal finance look for a regular update showing my success along with tips to help you join me in earing some extra [tag]cash[/tag] on the internet.

Do you have any tips for me? Please let me know if you’ve found something that works!

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2 Responses to “How Can I Make Money On The Internet?”

  1. Alessio Trabelsi says:

    I have been using this affiliate website online that pays like 70% commissions on any affiliate sales that where “linked” by you. I feel like I got a sick formula to do this, and I literally do it while im just kickin back bullshittin with everyone. Peep the link below and do the like 1 page sign up, there you can choose how you wanna be payd, Paypal, checks etc.

    http://www.TrafficPayouts.com/ (affiliate number removed)

    This is my strategy. The site gives you all sorts of templates that can be generated. I have 3 main strategies that I use. The more you use the more you make. The key is to post daily and I’ll show you how I do this the easy & effective way. One way is to utilize craigslist.You can post in areas as if you are a recruiter. One of the paying affiliates is a Online Data Entry job,m where the person buys the start up package, and get like 10,000 business forms they can fill out, and make money doing data entry. You cannot post the links directly in craigslist job postings. so you have to write a professional looking template, that people will respond to. I just did this yesterday and have been getting flooded with emails. Thats when you send them the second template. All you do is copy and paste. They will get the information stating that they offer an option to sign up online, they go on, begin the data entry program, or Write for money (post in Writers section on CL), the site offers alot of options, but only have the top converting affiliates, and they offer alot of tools to make more money.

    The other easy mass ways to post, is to search in google.com.
    But in order to make this really easy, you have to run a BLOG search, and start typing in keywords matching your audience. “Freelance Writers Blog” will bring up blogs where people are writers. You click on every link in your page, since you are now attacking sites that appear first in google. They have to get alot of traffic because of this. This is when you go in to the blog, and copy and paste your template affiliate link. Very easy to do, and you get payddddd. I have only been doing it this week, but the approach that I took to it, made it so easy, and the checks just come in, once you reach 50 bucks. You earn 70% of sale on 99 dollar packages, 49 dollar, and so on. The blog method, is the one that should be done often. While placing ads in areas like Alaska, where they have the highest users of computerss in the US (US Census) and I got so many hits. Or even try out finding out which states have the lowest IQ’s and post in those cities on craigslist. You can make alot on your own, and then you can refer other people, where you get payd 5 dollars per person and you can begin earning 2nd tier commisisions as well. At 70 percent payout , putting in some work for a month, will reward you with alot of money and build yourself a residual income, plus they give their top achievers madd different electronics and massage chairs all provided by Brookstone. If we get a small loop going at Bryant, we can make ourselves alot of money. Something to think about.

    http://www.TrafficPayouts.com/ (affiliate number removed)


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