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There’s More to A Job Than The Green


You’ve heard that money isn’t everything. Money doesn’t buy happiness (but it helps…) and half a dozen other cliches. I’d have to agree with it for the most part. I’ve had jobs where I was making great money, but I was miserable. The team over at LifeHack gives their 6 factors (other than salary) that boost happiness:

Decrease your commute. I spent ten years driving nearly an hour each way to work, not uncommon for many American workers. Then, I made the decision to pay more for a home and live six miles from work. The effect has been significant as my wife can stop by work anytime and I cash in on more sleep, all the while adding to the lifespan of my car.

It’s an incredible feeling to work so close to home. I used to love being able to go home for lunch every day, not having to fight work traffic on my commute and not stressing out when I was running a little late. Ah…the good old days 😉

6 Factors Besides Salary That Boost Happiness – [LifeHack]

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  1. Thanks for linking to my article on LifeHack this past week.

    Mike St. Pierre


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