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Blogging Tips Blog Carnival – Write Content, Drive Traffic, Make Money

Blog Carnival

The May edition of the Blogging Tips Blog Carnival is here! Here’s the way this works – You, the blogger, have submitted your top blogging tips. I’ve gone though, weeded out the off-topic rants and spam and put them in a pretty little package for you. This Blog Carnival covers money making tips, writing tips, traffic/SEO tips and a few other oddities that didn’t cleanly fit into a category.

Use this to gain a few tips, improve your blogging and discover some new sites!

Money Making Tips

  1. Marcus Hochstadt gives a great post on how he’s banking by blogging. I Made $13,692.59 In Profits Last Month, So What?, saying, “Find out how Marcus Hochstadt makes thousands of dollars online.”
  2. Wilma Janszen shares 9 ways to make money as a blogger Make Money Blogging: Make Money Blogging.
  3. Zork Brauk has written a creative post on generating extra cash on the side… UFO Recession Tip 73 – Top 10 Blogger Recession Tips to Make Money, saying, “Competition is stiff. There are over 112 million blogs listed on Technorati at the end of 2007! We see you and we know that not every blogger is making money.”

Writing Tips

  1. Shamelle has written a really cool post called 6 Things Simon Cowell (Of American Idol) Would Say About Your Blog!
  2. Steve Osborne, a freelance writer and writing instructor with over 20 years of experience tells how Short Paragraphs Attract. Long Paragraphs Intimidate.
  3. Jason shares a few tips on how to use your writing to draw readers in and keep their attention: Be a Blogger – How to Write for the Web
  4. Colleen M. Johnson gives a quick list on Blogger Brainstorming, saying, “Got blogger block? Ten tips to get you blogging.”
  5. The Whited Sepulchre offers tips for when you’re out of time and motivation and need to get a post out: Things To Write About
  6. Cindy King shares a Book Review – Letting Go Of The Words – Writing Web Content That Works By Janice Redish, saying, “Letting Go Of The Words is a must read for anyone involved with a website or blog. This is not about the tools you need or anything technical. This book is about web content and information strategies. It’s about “planning, selecting, organizing, writing, illustrating, reviewing, and testing content”…that gives readers a successful and satisfying web experience.”

Traffic and SEO Tips

  1. Riggie Freyer gives some excellent tips for getting backlinks from high Pagerank sites: How to Get Do Follow Links with High Pagerank.
  2. Raivyn has written an great post on How to Drive Traffic to Your Blog Through Word of Mouth Marketing.
  3. Bryan presents a video case study on a blog looking to bring in more traffic Case Study: Make Money Online Blog Wants More Traffic.
  4. Mert Erkal has submitted an old post, but he still has some good tips: How I Quadrupled My Blog’s Traffic In 3 Months.
  5. Praveen shares a Simple Trading System: Using Long Tail Keywords to Help Create Blog Posts and Articles that Attract Search Engine Traffic.
  6. George Tzenos gives a basic overview of generating traffic via viral marketing Spread Your Word The Viral Way And Boost Your Traffic.
  7. Aaron Anderson talks about how Entrecard has increased his traffic, comments and RSS subscribers: Traffic Experiment Results: 308 Visitors In 6 Days
  8. Brian Terry’s article: Become a Listbuilding Genius is focused on collecting e-mail addresses. This may be more useful for affiliate marketers, but, if done right, could be beneficial for your blog.
  9. Ian Richardson gives some tips on getting better search rankings. Get Good Search Ranking
  10. Craig Andrews offers his viewpoint on using direct e-mail to market your blog Proper Direct Email Marketing For An Internet Business (Don’t Kill Off Your Email List!).

Other Tips

  1. SpiKe Introduces A New Way Of Prioritizing to make your blogging more productive.
  2. Tim Gary tells of how positive thinking has affected his life: “six-pack” follow up – dang if it doesn’t work like it should!.
  3. Cindy King presents Website Design – How To Hire The Right Website Designer For Your International Audience.
  4. Rebecca shares some basic tips on on starting a blog: Instant Readership with a Travel Blog
  5. Woman Tribune presents how they are Addicted to Entrecard.

If you liked any of these sites, leave some comments share some link love. If you want your post to appear in the next edition submit your article here.

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