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Blog Income Report – May 2008

This is the first real monthly earnings report since this blog was resurrected at the beginning of this month from an 8 month hiatus. Year to date income for WallerBlog dot Com has averaged $47.03/month. Blog income for May was down from the YTD average, but has increased from April’s $34.13.

Total Blog Income for May 2008: $37.32

Here is the breakdown:

Blog income has decreased since the beginning of the year. This is primarily due to Google’s PageRank update. My blog went from a PR 3 to a PR 0. This has effectively killed all income from Text-Link-Ads and LinkWorth. Before this month LinkWorth was my biggest money maker. That loss has been mitigated by the addition of PayPerPost.

Traffic Stats

Traffic this month is up to 1,294 page views from 608 visitors. The top traffic sources were:

  • Google: 138
  • Direct: 119
  • StumbleUpon: 125
  • Entrecard: 95

As usual the big G was the top referrer. The biggest surprise though was the 125 visitors from StumbleUpon. The Blogging Tips Carnival was Stumbled and received more traffic than any other post this month.

Determination is the key

Determination is the only thing that will make your small blog a success. Determination to write good content, determination to research monetization opportunities and determination to network to drive traffic to your blog. This month I am determined to work to gain quality backlinks in order to gain more green on my PagerRank. This will give me many more opportunities to increase this blog’s income and get me closer to my goal of earning a full-time living via the internet.

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