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September 2011 Income Report

Welcome to the September 2011 income report! In an effort to be as transparent as possible, I publish a report on the first of each month outlining my income for the previous month. I show all of my income sources, passive and otherwise. If there are any expenses associated with that income, I’ll share that as well. Things like hosting, PPC costs, outsourcing costs, etc.

I share this for 3 main reasons:

  1. I want to keep myself accountable. By making my goals and plans public I have someone other than myself to answer to if I’m not working like I should.
  2. It helps me keep track of my goals and see what is working and what isn’t working.
  3. I hope to inspire people and show that it really is possible to earn income online. No gimmicks or schemes, just good old hard work.

What Happened in September

Holy cow! Can’t believe that September is already over. It won’t be long until Thanksgiving and then Christmas.

The boys are now 2 months old and getting into a bit of a schedule which means I’m getting some time to work on my business again.

Most of my time this month was spent on the new project I announced last month. I’ve really enjoyed launching this new site and getting involved in the finance community.

I’ve been blown away at how awesome the other bloggers in this niche are. They are extremely generous and love to link out to other sites.

With the site barely over a month old, I’ve already received around a dozen natural links – 2 of which are from very high profile finance blogs.

I will probably hit around 2,000 unique visitors and 5,000 page views this next month. I haven’t tried to monetize it yet. My main goal has just been to build traffic. Though, if traffic grows too much more I really need to get this figured out because I’ll be leaving a lot of money on the table.

I’ve also continued to work on my Clickbank site. Traffic and hops are steady. Rankings are rising. I think this is going to turn into a very good site for me.

This competition in this niche is suprisingly low. There is definately $1,000+ per month potential here. And it won’t take a ridiculous amount of work to get there.

Income Report for September 2011

(Usual Disclaimer: Most of the links below are affiliate links. If you click on my link and sign up for one of these services I will likely receive a commission.)


  • This month: $45.99
  • Last month: $78.18
  • Change: -$32.19


  • This month: $76.70
  • Last month: $53.60
  • Change: $23.10

The Keyword Academy

  • This month: $11.55
  • Last month: $11.55
  • Change: $0.00


  • This month: $50.20
  • Last month: $0.00
  • Change: $50.20


  • This month: $0.00
  • Last month: $5.65
  • Change: -$5.65


  • This month: $0.00
  • Last month: $9.00
  • Change: -$9.00

Total Income

  • This month: $184.44
  • Last month: $157.98
  • Change: $26.46


Net Income for September 2011 – $142.49

Once again, a small improvement over the prior month.

Most of this can be attributed to my Clickbank site with has finally started making a few sales. I really hope these sales stay consistent. I’ve always found it hard to maintain consistent sales with high-commission products – though that’s mostly because I’m not getting enough traffic to the site to even out the normal variances.

Adsense was down due to me abandoning what used to be my main earner. It’s just not worth my time to waste 3 months trying to get back into Google’s good graces with that site.

I still have a couple of small niche sites using AdSense that bring in a few dollars here and there.

I’ve also decided to dump Sponsored Tweets. The quality of the offers there are declining. Even the offers I did approve weren’t great. I kind of felt like I was whoring out my twitter feed.

I think advertisers are starting to catch on that sponsored tweets have a pretty low return unless it comes from a celebrity or one of the leaders in a niche.

Goals for October

Goals this month don’t differ much from last month. My main focus will be on my two sites with the most potential – my Clickbank site and my finance site.

The Clickbank site mostly needs more backlinking. Building backlinks gets old after a while, but backlinks are what this site needs most.

My new finance site needs more content. Like I mentioned above, natural links are pretty easy to come by so my main focus will be on writing quality content.

I need to also start thinking about how to monetize the site. My fear is that the more I try to monetize the bigger chance I have of driving away natural links. I’ll just have to find a balance somehow.

Hope you had a great September and I wish you a productive and profitable October!

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4 Responses to “September 2011 Income Report”

  1. rahul says:

    I saw significant improvement in adsense. But i don’t think any thing less then $500 per month is useful. I am running to many projects together and ranking all together is too tough.

    Well can you beleive one of my adsense sites. gets 100 visitors per day. No clicks. I cann’t beleive no one clicking that niche. I am thinking to try some other things now.


    Jeremy Waller Reply:

    Anything less than $500 per month isn’t useful? Feel free to send me your earnings from your sites that earn less than $500 per month :)


  2. J says:

    Jeremy, Sounds like you are doing the “Fraser” method. I really want to build an authority site but truthfully, I am scared of getting knocked with a slap. Im spooked. I am having a real hard time making an online income. This IM game seems so unpredictable. Thats why I am leaning towards more of a product/service. I could go on forever on this subject. Always keep it real. I am so sick how people claimi wiping $100 bills with their @$$. It seems the only way to make serious money is by selling WSO on the WF to newbs. A route I would NEVER take. Anyways, good luck



    Jeremy Waller Reply:

    For the most part, this is following the “Fraser” method. If you’re a TKA member, you can check out my site. It was covered in the webinar on September 7th.

    Making more than a few bucks here and there online is definitely hard work. Anyone that tells you otherwise just wants to sell you something.


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