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October 2011 Income Report

Welcome to the October 2011 income report! In an effort to be as transparent as possible, I publish a report on the first of each month outlining my income for the previous month. I show all of my income sources, passive and otherwise. If there are any expenses associated with that income, I’ll share that as well. Things like hosting, PPC costs, outsourcing costs, etc.

I share this for 3 main reasons:

  1. I want to keep myself accountable. By making my goals and plans public I have someone other than myself to answer to if I’m not working like I should.
  2. It helps me keep track of my goals and see what is working and what isn’t working.
  3. I hope to inspire people and show that it really is possible to earn income online. No gimmicks or schemes, just good old hard work.

What Happened in October

I’ve finally started to settle into a routine. I think I have a handle on how to balance life with kids and internet marketing. My schedule is still crazy, but I’ve learned how to squeeze work in anytime I have a free moment.

I may only get to work in 15 minute bursts, but those bursts add up.

At the beginning of October I identified my 2 key sites. Before, I had too much going on. I needed to simplify so that I could focus.

All of my other sites are are the back burner indefinitely while I build out these 2 sites.

The first site is the Clickbank affiliate site that I’ve been talking about for the past few months. 95% of my effort last month was on building backlinks. As you’ll see in the income report below, some of this work is starting to pay off. I also wrote a few pieces of new content, but the majority of my efforts were in getting the existing content to rank.

The other project that I worked on is my finance blog. Most of my time was spent writing content and networking with other bloggers.

This project is almost the exact opposite of my affiliate site in that 95% of my effort is on building content for the blog. I have not built a single backlink.

What’s amazing though is that finance bloggers love to link to each other. As I have worked to produce the best content possible, natural links have been coming in like crazy.

Last month, I mentioned that I had received around a dozen links so far. In October, that number increased nearly 10 fold.

Open Site Explorer is showing 106 links. Some of those are from major authority sites which has boosted my MozRank to 4.12. That’s pretty incredible for a site that is 2 months old.

At the end of October I added some monetization to this site. I’ll talk more about that below.

Income Report for October 2011

(Usual Disclaimer: Most of the links below are affiliate links. If you click on my link and sign up for one of these services I will receive a commission.)


  • This month: $45.47
  • Last month: $45.99
  • Change: -$0.52


  • This month: $106.10
  • Last month: $76.70
  • Change: $29.40

The Keyword Academy

  • This month: $11.55
  • Last month: $11.55
  • Change: $0.00


  • This month: $143.91
  • Last month: $50.20
  • Change: $93.71


  • This month: $10.36
  • Last month: N/A
  • Change: $10.36

Total Income

  • This month: $317.39
  • Last month: $184.44
  • Change: $132.95


Net Income for October 2011 – $275.44

I’m pretty excited about that! Earnings were up 72% over September!

The bulk of that growth is from my niche affiliate site. Anyone who says backlinking is dead, is crazy. Backlinks still work wonders.

Like I mentioned above I’ve started monetizing my finance blog at the end of October. I’m testing Media.net out. It’s a relatively new ad network that is showing some promise on this site.

Goals for November

Goals are pretty easy now since I’m only focusing on 2 sites.

Goal #1 is to continue building backlinks to my Clickbank site. All of the keywords that have brought sales are still on page 2 or lower of the SERPs. Higher rankings will almost certainly mean more sales.

Goal #2 is to continue writing content for my finance site. I may also do some split testing between Media.net and AdSense. Right now the traffic levels are really high enough to get any meaningful results so we’ll just see how the month goes.

Anyways, I’m pretty happy with how October panned out and hope to continue that momentum through November!

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