Entrepreneur and Finance Nerd Making Money Online


Me and my wife in Venice

Welcome to WallerBlog. My little niche on the internet. My name is Jeremy Waller and….I confess I am an incurable entrepreneur.  I am happily married to my wonderful wife and we have twin boys on the way!

I currently work for a really great company, but have a desire to eventually be working for myself.

I originally started this blog just for fun, posting funny videos, interesting sites and such. I soon found that a lot of people were doing what I doing, but they were making money off of it and I wasn’t. So began my journey to earn an income online.

I’m now 4 years into this journey and haven’t reached my goal yet, but I have learned so much along the way. I recently relaunched this blog to keep me focused on the high-value tasks that I know I need to do to find success.

I’m so glad you’re here. I love helping people. I hope so much that what I share here let’s you avoid so many of the mistakes I have made.

To our success!

Jeremy Waller