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Win Big With WallerBlog’s Market Leverage Contest

If you’ve followed this blog at all for the past coulple of months, you know that I am in love with Market Leverage. (It’s kind of sick, actually.) In this short time, I have found a few offers that generate enough profit that I could realistically quit my day job and be a full-time affiliate. (Not quite ready to do that yet though.) However, one thing that I haven’t really done anything with is Market Leverage’s referral program.

According to Market Leverage they have “The Industry’s Best Paying Lifetime Referral Program.” They will pay 5% of the commissions earned by each Publisher that you refer. That ads up to some scratch if you can get a nice referral base under you.

Here’s the deal…

I’m holding my own mini-Market Leverage contest. I want to see who can earn the most over the next 30 days. Winner gets $100. Easy Peasy.

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Bonus Entries

In addition to signing up above, if you blog about and link to this contest, I’ll increase your eligible earnings by 25% That means that if you make $2,000, your contest entry will be for $2,500.

Once you have signed up, post below so that your entry will be counted.

Also, feel free to join in with the contest discussion going on over at the DigitalPoint Forums. I’ve Made $15,535.20 in the last 30 days – I’ll Pay You To Do The Same!

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September 17, 2008   No Comments

2 Sources of Affiliate Traffic You Can’t Live Without

If you run out to Google and you search for ways to get quick traffic to your affiliate offers, you’ll no doubt find the ‘Gurus’ that tell you that PPC is king. They’ll tell you to generate a list of keywords and create several ad groups centered around groups of 50 or so keywords. They’ll give you numbers and show you how to calculate the maximum CPC that you should bid. Then they’ll tell you to split test ads and focus on getting your click through rate up. They’ll also tell you to avoid the content networks and CPM ads like the plague. “Oh, they don’t convert well.” “You’re just throwing your money out the window.” You know what?

It’s all a bunch of baloney!

These marketing gurus either don’t know what they’re talking about (possible) or they aren’t telling the whole story (more likely.) There are 2 sources of affiliate traffic that you can’t live without. These are sources that I’ve seen very few talk about. Want to know what they are? Would you believe that some of the best sources of traffic for your affiliate offers are the very things that marking ‘gurus’ tell you to avoid –  ads run on content networds (e.g. AdSense) and CPM banners. Don’t believe me?

market leverage earnings

(Click on the image for a better view)

Notice a little jump in there? Look at how my earnings increased on 8/17. That’s right when I started tapping into these sources. Think about this…

Ads On The Content Network

Ads on the content network are dirt cheap. You don’t have to worry about quality score and click through rates. That means that you can literally get clicks for $0.05! The only way you’ll pull that off in search is if you have a super quality score.

Also, you’ll usually get 10x more impressions on the content network. Even if a term doesn’t get a large number of searches, there could be thousands of relevant sites out there that your ad could be displayed on. Even with a low click through rate, you’ll generally get more traffic than you would with search.

CPM Banners

CPM Banners are a different kind of animal. The main concern of PPC ads (making sure you get quality clicks) doesn’t apply here. The whole point is to get as many clicks as you possibly can per 1,000 views. With an effective banner, you can get clicks for $0.01 or even less! Now, your traffic may not be as high of quality, but your getting 10 clicks for the price of one (compared to a cheap PPC campaign)

Using CPM banners I’ve run campaigns that have a 5,000% ROI! How’s that for a return?

If you’re doing any kind of affiliate marketing, you should always consider running CPM banners and content network campaigns. I can almost guarantee that your earnings will increase!

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August 21, 2008   2 Comments

I Make Money With Market Leverage

Why have I not made a post in the last month? Because I have been making serious money with Market Leverage(affiliate link.)

As you know, I usually post my blog earnings. In May this blog generating a whopping $37.72. That’s not horrible, but it won’t buy much more than a nice dinner.

In the last 30 days with Market Leverage I’ve generated $2,182.10!

Market Leverage Earnings In The Last 30 Days

That’s nearly a full time income in my first full month of affiliate marketing!

Needless to say, I highly recommend Market Leverage! I dare you to sign up and see the kind of money you can make.

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July 27, 2008   7 Comments