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Make Money Easy With Google AdSense

Often I get all kinds of e-mails with people asking me, “How can I make money easy?” Time and time again I refer them to one of the most popular ways to make money easy online – Google Adsense. Let me give you a breakdown on how this works.

The most basic way (and probably the easiest way) to make money with this program is to start a free blog on Blogger.com. You start by writing about what ever you’re interested in. Once you have something posted to your new blog, then you put up AdSense on your site and you get paid every time someone clicks on an ad.

You can make money easy this way. However, just because it’s easy, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t take work. It’s easy in that is isn’t complicated. However, it isn’t easy as in you can just sit back, do nothing and collect a check from Google.

So, are you willing to do some actual work? If so, read on to get my basic game plan on How to Make Money Easy With Google AdSense.

I’m going to lay out a really simple way to make money easy without having to buy a domain, hosting and all that jazz.

  1. Head over to Blogger.com and sign up for a free blog

make money easy with blogger

Once you have your free blog set-up, follow the directions to make your first post. (It’s pretty self explanitory)

You can write about whatever you want. In fact, it’s best to write about something that you’re interested in. That makes the whole process so much easier.  (Side note here – this isn’t exactly the most profitable way to blog. However, when you’re starting out it’s a way that you can make money easy while doing what you like to do. At some point down the road I’ll fill you in on some tricks to pick out topics that can make you a ton of money.)

Once you have your first post up, head over to AdSense and create a new account.


Follow the directions to create your first AdSense ad.

Head back over to your Blogger blog. Go to the layout tab.

You should see something like this:


In the blog posts section, click on edit. Find the option that says: “Show Ads Between Posts.” Tick the box and follow the directions.

Go back to your blogger blog and, viola! You now have a blog that is all set to make money easy.

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Website Flipping Contest – Make $1,000 in 30 Days

Website flipping is an interesting gig. You create some site – blog, affiliate site, forum, directory, etc. – from scratch, then turn around and sell it.

Simple in concept, not necessarily simple in practice.

Jason at The University Kid is well experienced in site flipping. He’s in the process now of doing a live site flip in which at the end of the month he will be walking through building a site from scratch and selling it less than 30 days later for $500+.

Jason is getting ready to start up a group site flipping project in which we all will build our own sites from the ground up and (hopefully) turn them for a profit at the end of next month. It’s possible that these sites could sell for more than $1,000! If you’d like to enter the project with me – Enter Here.

Bonus Prize

If the extra cash weren’t enough, I’m throwing in a 30 day 125×125 banner spot on WallerBlog.com if the winner is from this blog. If you enter through this blog – send me a message so I can keep track of everything.

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I Make Money Online with PayPerPost

When I started this blog a year and a half ago, I didn’t really have any intentions of making any money with it. Though, I guess you could say I’ve had a change of heart.

There’s lots of opportunities out there, but few that will work for low-traffic blogs. One of these programs that does work, however, is payperpost. Back before I went AWOL on my blog, I did a few PayPerPost opportunities and made a little cash on the side. For a blogger that’s making pennies on programs like Adsense, PayPerPost can be a goldmine.

How Much Money Can I Make?

The majority of PayPerPost opportunities pay between $5 and $20. In fact, I’m getting paid 20 bucks to write this now. Some people will say I’m whoring my blog out. I say, I don’t really care. I’m getting $20 for 30 minutes of my time. If you’re an active blogger, these opportunities can really add up. Blogger Robert MacEwan made $2,500 in one month from PayPerPost alone!

Most of PayPerPost’s more lucrative opportunities are reserved for blogs that have a PageRank of 3 or better. This tends to be somewhat of a flawed system as greater page rank doesn’t always equal greater blog. This really gets out of hand with some of the top paying posts. As I type this, the top paying post nets the blogger a cool $135, but requires a pagerank of 7. 7? Problogger.net, with over 45,000 RSS subscribers is currently sitting with a pagerank of 6. So you’re telling me that a blogger with hundreds of thousands of visitors making a six-figure blogging income doesn’t qualify for a $135 opportunity on PayPerPost? A little ridiculous. But I digress…

The bottom line is that PayPerPost is great for the low-traffic blog, but can quickly be outgrown as your readership increases.

If I didn’t just talk you out of it, check out the button at the top of this post to sign up for PayPerPost.

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